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Dance Class MusicJay Distributors and offer a wide selection of music and video titles for dance instruction.

All the music titles are designed to be used in a dance class. They do not contain singing or vocal instruction. They usually contain solo piano music and are arranged for a complete dance class.

Each piece of music starts with a clear introduction and holds a steady beat. Most of the video titles demonstrate teaching techniques and show dancers in a dance class. Many of the video titles are presented in a follow along format. We also offer variable speed CD players and powered speakers for use in the dance studio.


Power and Space
Kevin Sport 

Percussion from around the globe, guaranteed to inspire you and your students!
CD includes music for:
    -Traditional Horton “warm-up”
    -Coming across the floor
    -Formal exercises include:
    -Fortifications 1-6 and 14, Preludes 1 and 3,
    -Torso Language, Elementary Balance and Percussive Stroke Study
    -Four different combinations
Order #KS03C

Music for Ballet Classes Volume 5

The fifth volume of Charles Mathew’s Music for Ballet Class starts off with a beautifully played Irish waltz. You can tell from this first track what a wonderful instrument Charles has used on this CD. This compilation includes a wide selection of musical styles and tempi, all featuring the sound of a beautiful Steinway Model D grand piano. Every track has been tailored to last for an even number of musical counts, and each track starts with a four bar introduction. The 40 tracks of classical and familiar music are not repeated but each one is at least 64 bars so you can do your exercise twice or turn and repeat on the other side without stopping. The last six tracks are devoted to pointe work with the last track a Reverence composed by this great pianist.
Order #MBC08C



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