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LA DanceMagicA Note from Director Jackie Sleight:
"Dance is it for me. No other option. No other choice. And I wouldn't change a thing. I'm in love with dance, I love my crazy job, and I love these kids. I'm living my dream, and I know what it takes to achieve your dreams.  It's really kind of simple. Just don't stop. I'm blessed, honored, and grateful to be where I am today, and it's all because I said yes. Yes to the work, yes to the challenges, yes to the dream. And then I wouldn't stop.


LADM Dance ConventionWhen I teach, my goal is to ignite a thought or a hope or a dream, and then make my
students feel the power to go after it. I want them to fall in love with something. I want them to be doctors, writers, builders, dancers...and I want them to love it and to look forward to the challenges, because that's where the real payoff lies. I want them to say yes, and then not stop.


At LADM we have all the wonderful and fun things that one would expect at a convention. We have classes, competition, lights, videos, trophies, and all the other stuff. We sing, we laugh, we make friends and memories. And bigger than that, we have a faculty that shares more than steps, knows more than is imaginable, and cares more than you'll ever believe. That's why I surround myself with them. So where I began years ago with 'just don't stop,' has circled around again. I teach, I love it, and I just won't stop."


Main Faculty/Judges
Albert Blaise Cattafi, Ayodele Casel, Christian Vincent, Dave Carter, DJ Guthrie, Eddie Moody, Jackie Sleight, Julie Kay Stallcup, Kurtis Sprung, Will Thomas and Scott Fowler.


2016-17 Dates and Venues

Houston Nov 4-6


Denver Nov 18-20


St. Louis Jan 13-15


Seattle Jan 20-22 


Santa Clara Jan 27-29


Orlando Feb 3-5


Dallas Feb 10-12


Provo Feb 16-18


Chicago Feb 24-26


Detroit March 3-5


Baton Rouge March 10-12


Anaheim March 31-April 2


Mobile April 21-23


Phoenix April 28-30


Final Cut June 28-July 3


National Finals July 3-7



L.A. DanceMagic

PO Box 275

Montrose, CA 91021

818-541-1316 (office)





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